OkoNorm Beeswax crayon blocks 6 colours


Set of 6 coloured natural crayons. Made from non-toxic renewable raw materials with minimum of 25 % pure beeswax. The wax crayon blocks are chunky and easy for little hands to hold. This makes them prefect for toddlers, small children and people with restricted hand movements.

The beeswax block crayons might have white sheen on them which is a sigh for high quality beeswax and doesn't effect their colours.

Size 2.4 x 1.1 x 4.2 cm

Children under 3 should be supervised.

Stearin used in this product comes from palm oil harvested from regional organic farms in certified cultivation areas that do not harm endangered species


OkoNorm is the producer of a collection of environmentally friendly art and craft materials. Their products are made in Germany using natural non - toxic ingredients.         

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