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My name is Kristina and I am the founder of Beesybox and the mother of almost 4 year old Daniel. Since my son was born in 2013, I started researching all kinds of child related information, like most of you, I assume. As I really appreciate the amount of information and products offered nowadays. I sometimes wished for only one book to be available (with all the correct advice of course), with only five toys to choose from... and how can you choose between thousands of cute baby items and only buy one ?!

I did well with clothes and accessories for the new baby - everything necessary and not too much, but when it came to toys I was a little bit confused at the beginning. As you are aware, the toy market is really crowded and each and every toy looks beautiful and beneficial. I knew what I did not want - noisy, plastic toys with lights and in need of batteries, so we limited these. With the time passing and my boy growing up, I was able to observe him and see what he is interested in. Simple things. Like most growing babies he preferred spoons and pans from our kitchen rather than expensive toys. Around this time I discovered the Montessori educational method and learning about it encouraged me to simply follow my child. I reorganised our home for him to have safe access to his toys and books and the kitchen cupboards of course (lower cupboards contained only safe items and everything dangerous was put out of his sight and reach).

With him getting older, I wanted to introduce more and more topics, to start showing him the world around him and his response was excellent. Children learn so much at this age, in fact the first years are the years where people learn the most in their entire lives. Just imagine things we take for granted as adults - walking, talking, controlling our body and emotions, we learnt all this and much more in our first years. So children are , in fact, amazing with their ability to learn, so I took it upon myself to provide materials and explanations.

That is how my research began. I started looking for ideas, for materials - some I had at home, others we collected from the park, or woodlands and some I had to purchase. When purchasing , I was looking for quality and ethos as well as the educational value. That is how the idea of Beesybox was born. I found it difficult to find all I needed in one place. I had to find and buy everything from different retailers which was not so time and cost effective. That in why I have decided to offer you - fellow parents and carers, what I believe is a good selection of materials for you and your children to explore. Each Beesybox has a topic and a few materials inside to combine during the learning process. You can also purchase our products individually - craft, board games, puzzles etc. I believe you do not need to have many things, you just need the right things.

This is a brand new venture for me and I am starting very small, but I am full of ideas. I will work hard to grow and with your support I hope to offer more and more quality items for your children and family.