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Who are we?

We are mum Kristina, dad Nick and 7-years old Daniel - the Vitanovi family. We love to spend time together as a family, to travel as much as possible and to discover and explore new places. And we adore nature with all its creatures - small and large, we love good music and good food.

When we say that Beesybox is a family-run business, it’s exactly that. Kristina does almost everything from managing the website and sourcing products, through customer service and packing and dispatching orders. Nick helps as much as possible alongside his full-time job and Daniel is our chief-tester and also the person weighting lots of your parcels (not for free) plus he is our absolute driving force.

When and why we started Beesybox?

Kristina created the website in 2017, but it wasn’t before the spring of 2020 that the shop really started working. That’s why we see Beesybox as our lockdown baby. It’s part of our family, and we nurture and help it grow every day.

Daniel’s arriving in December 2013 changed our lives forever. We were amazed to watch him grow and develop, we observed him closely and saw first-hand the importance of the surrounding environment in his early years. That’s how we, as parents developed the love for quality toys, learning and creativity. We realised that children are absolutely amazing in the way they learn about themselves and the world around them and the importance of the early years in every person’s life.

Observing Daniel growing up and developing was the reason for creating Beesybox. We dived into the magic world of toys and play and wanted to stay in it as long as possible, even after Daniel grows up. We saw the way quality toys and learning resources influence children’s development and learned that when it comes to toys – less is more. We focused on quality and not quantity and on materials – warm natural materials such as wood, cotton and silk over cold plastic and battery-powered noise.

As parents we were influenced by the Montessori and Waldorf methods, picking the best for us from both and implementing it in our daily life as a family of three.

Beesybox is a reflection of our beliefs and of what we learned as parents along the way.

How do we choose the brands and products we offer?

Each and every brand and product on this website has been carefully selected by us amongst many others. We want our shop to grow, but we wouldn’t want our selection to grow too much so you would never find every toy and book on the market here and we aim to offer only products that we would buy and use ourselves.

We look at many aspects when choosing products for the shop – production process, safety and quality of materials and paints, uses and value. We love toys and resources which could be used in many different ways and we like to have a broad price range to ensure that every family could find quality products to fit their budget. We aim for products that in time would be passed down to other families and would be cherished and used for many years.

The lovely brands we work with share our beliefs and passion for quality, environmental impact and care. We stock some large brands such as Haba, Goki and Holztiger alongside small family-owned brands like the Little Coach House, Teddo Play and Ocamora. As we grow, we would research and add more brands* and products until our vision for Beesybox is complete.

*If you own a brand and you believe that your products could be a good match for Beesybox, please get in touch on

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