OkoNorm 6 chubby mini beeswax crayons

The short and tick mini beeswax crayons fit perfectly in small hands. Ideal for small children and toddlers .

This set of 6 high quality mini crayons is made with a minimum of 25% pure beeswax and other non-toxic, food grade ingredients. Beautiful colours with high covering property and good abrasion. In cooler conditions, the crayons might develop a slight white coating, which is due to the high beeswax content and does not affect their colours. 

Size: Length 60mm; Diameter 14mm

Ingredients : vegetable stearine, pure beeswax (over 25 %), vegetable waxes, purified champagne chalk, lanolin, silica acid, high share of food colorants, with well-chosen organic pigments, stabilized earth- and mineral pigments

This product is gluten-free.

Children under 3 should be supervised.

Made in Germany

This set is part of the OkoNorm Nawaro range of products, made from environmentally friendly, sustainable and absolutely non-toxic resources.