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Beesyboxes are a special selection of educational toys and materials on different topics. Combining the learning resources from the box could help the children to get a better understanding of its subject. In most of the boxes you will find a book and complimenting learning toys and materials to help the perception and visualization. 

Inspired by the Montessori approach and the hunt for homeschooling resources, those boxes will make great teaching aids for any home or classroom. Build over simple subjects as the 'Human body', 'Food' and 'Space', our boxes could provide a great fun for any young explorer.

Play different learning games - match the figures to the pictures from the books or play snap. What about making your own cookie dough or home made playdough with the Baking box? Look at the stages of the pumpkin growth and learn more about your amazing food with the Food box. Draw dinosaurs, using the stencil book in the Dinosaur box, then match the dino figures to the pictures. They are many possibilities for play and explore and they will even grow with your child.

We understand the educational toys and materials are quite an investment and that is why we try to research the products for their price, quality and value for their cost. 

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