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Art me!


  This morning the good old Facebook kindly reminded me of some old photos. It was a nice warm Saturday back in July 2015. Daniel was 1 year and 7 months old and I was looking at different options of play to offer to him. So he got a big canvas, a chunky brush, a set of finger paints and 'Voila' - you can see the result on the pictures. Of course afterwards he had a good play in the bath as well. I still vividly remember his excitement and enjoyment of finger painting - the texture of the paint and the ability to create a good mess. Something he still enjoys three years later.  

  We all know that art and craft is highly benefiting for children. Fostering the fine motor skills, boosting creativity and helping children to express their emotions are just some of the many benefits. At Beesybox we have a good range of Okonorm ecological and non toxic art and craft products. And finger paints too :) Click on the pictures below to have a look at our collection of OkoNorm products: