Safari Ltd Dolphins Toob


Another beautifully put together Toob by Safari Ltd. The Dolphins Toob contains 10 anatomically accurate hand-painted figures of different dolphins from around the world. Swim with them in the bath, include them in learning activities, play activities, small world play, learn through play...the possibilities are endless. 

All Safari Toobs are non-toxic and BPA free

This Dolphins Toob includes:

  • bottlenose dolphin
  • striped dolphin
  • Atlantic spotted dolphin
  • long-beaked dolphin
  • Irrawaddy dolphin
  • Atlantic white-sided dolphin
  • southern right whale dolphin
  • hourglass dolphin
  • Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin
  • white-beaked dolphin

The figures in this Toob measure between 6.5 and 10 cm.

Age 3+