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Insect Lore Giant Butterfly garden

Insect Lore Giant Butterfly Garden

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A large-sized butterfly garden by Insect Lore. With this kit you will receive an extra-tall reusable habitat, a feeding pipette, full instructions, a voucher for 10 caterpillars* and set of Insect Lore Butterfly Life Cycle Figurines. After being delivered to you, your caterpillars will grow every day until they reach 10 times their original size. They will then turn into pupa and after some days into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. You can keep them for couple of days and then set them free.

Give your children the opportunity to observe this unique metamorphosis up close. The whole transformation will happen in front of your eyes day after day. Perfect for growing butterflies at home or in the classroom.

This kit contains:

• Extra Tall 46cm Reusable Pop-Up Habitat
• Super Clear Mesh for better butterfly viewing
• Feeding Pipette, Instructions and Activity Guide
• Certificate for TEN free* Caterpillars and
Food (*a small p&p fee is all that’s required)
• Habitat folds flat when not in use

*Please note that a small postal charge will occur when you purchase your live caterpillars. This charge is not included in the price of this kit and you will have to pay it separately when ordering your caterpillars.

Age 4+