BeesyBox Food


In BeesyBox 'Food' you will find three different materials to help your child learn more about food. It contains 'My first book about Food' by Usborne, Fruits and Vegetables Toob by Safari Ltd and a layered puzzle showing 4 stages of pumpkin growing by Goki. 

How do vegetables grow? What is pasta?How do we get rice? These are just some of the questions answered in 'My First book about Food'. Inside there are more than 120 stickers to make learning even more fun. Use the beautifully crafted fruit and vegetable figurines from the Toob to match the pictures from the book and to discuss their shapes, colours and nutritional values. In addition, the wooden Goki puzzle is a fun way to follow the pumpkin life-cycle with lots to discuss on each layer of the puzzle - seed development, growing of the plant, taking care of it, flowering etc.

More about each part of this Box :

My very first book about Food

A beautiful book helps young children learn about food and where it comes from. Answers questions such as “What is pasta?”, “Where does milk come from?” and “How do vegetables grow?” and explores concepts such as going shopping, life on a farm and cooking healthy meals. With over 120 stickers of common fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and other foods that help children learn in a fun, interactive way. Includes internet links to age-appropriate websites with games and activities.

Recommended Age 3+

Fruits and Vegetables Toob

Contains 8 had-painted figurines of fruits and vegetables.Vibrant colors and accurate design. Ideal for classroom or home school projects, imaginative play and perfect size for travel.

This set includes eight pieces:

  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Corn
  • Artichokes

Measures: 4 x 33 x 4 cm

Recommended Age 3+

Puzzle 'What grows there' by Goki

The life cycle of a pumpkin crafted into this sturdy 4 layers puzzle. 

Material: Wood

Recommended Age 3+